Manual Agricultural (Treadle) Pump – Manav

AS Innovations & and agro also deals with non conventional, innovative & sustainable products for irrigational facility for remote and marginal farms at affordable rates, like a range of manual hand pump, treadle pumps.

1 Treadle Pump:

AS Innovations & Agro, Nashik has brought to you treadle  pump with following innovative features

  • The best solution for marginal farmers for irrigation of small plots.
  • The alternate solution to electric pumps.
  • No operating cost. Simple effortless pedalling motion.
  • Very efficient design to give best results with minimum muscle power.
  • Total piston, cylinder and manifold assembly made in durable and tough engineering plastic material – very easy to replace if necessary.
  • Very much portable – weighs only 12kgs can be carried anywhere very easily.
  • Available in 1.5” and 2” nipples for connecting the inlet and out let pipes.
  • A man weighing 60 kg can get suction upto 15ft and delivery upto 45ft in height & 300 mtrs in lenghts it can easily transfer water 2000- 5000 liters per hr depending upon the suction and delivery height.

2 Plastic( Movable) Hand Pump:

AS Innovations & Agro, Nashik has brought to you plastic (movable) hand pump with following innovative features

  • Recommended maximum suction depth of 5mtr well or water source.
  • Recommended maximum delivery height of water 15mtr.(Can work for upto 5 mtr.depth and 15mtr. height but with difficulty)
  • Transport water upto 300mtrs.
  • Delivers upto 2000litres/hr. Nominal discharge 1200litres/hr
  • Weighs just about 1kg and can be ported to any place by any person.
  • No electricity requirement, works on hand power by any person.
  • 100% plastic pump, hence very smooth in operation, less wear, less maintenance and long-life.
  • Directly runs drip and sprinkler kits to irrigate small agriculture plots.
  • This hand pump can be used for agriculture for irrigation and for domestic household purpose to fill water in overhead /loft tanks.


3 Mobile Water Tank:

AS Innovations & Agro, Nashik trades in Mobile water tank with following innovative features,

The tanks having capacity of 150 liters upto 1000 litres


These are portable & very easy to tie. These are durable & UV-stabilized with life upto 5years. These are foldable & light weight with liner.

Technical specification

There are various options available for the storage tanks.

  1. Flexi Tank of 150,300,500 and 1000ltrs – Stand-alone tank. Foldable, light-weight and easy to install. With top cap for inlet and a bottom cock for outlet.
    Flexi Tank of 200-250ltrs to be hung between 2 trees.
    3. Eay alternative to Plastic drums of 200ltrs capacity
    4. Rotomolded stackable tanks of 250ltrs capacity.