Humic Acid


We at AS Innovations & Agro, Nashik (Maharashtra) are committed to offering a wide gamut of Potassium Humate Powder . This powder is a highly effective soil conditioner and activator which will surely enhance the fertility and productivity of the soil. Our offered potassium humate powder is totally organic and is 98% soluble in water which makes it an extensively demanded fertilizer. Moreover, we provide this fertilizer to our esteemed clients at affordable price.


  • Environment friendly
  • Highly effective
  • Excellent quality


  • Super Potassium Humate enhances fast and better seed germination. It enhance better root & shoot growth by helping in better absorption of major & micro nutrients. It can be used by mixing with fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides and it is eco-friendly.
  • Potassium humate flakes helps to remove & isolate toxic residues from the soil.
  • It creates pH buffering in soil and can neutralize the negative effects of pH extremes, which have a profound effect on nutrient availability.
  • Hormonal stimulation: It contains an auxins like growth hormones
  • This can enhance cell division & cell elongation.
  • Chelation of Root zone: when applied Potassium humate flakes to root zone, root zone
  • Becomes facilitator, chelating applied nutrients & those already existing in the Soil

AS Innovations & Agro Provide Humic acid in Powder (98% WS) & liquid state (12 % Humic)

Pack Size:

  • For Powder: 500 gms, 1 Kg pack & 20 kg bag
  • For Liquid: 500 ml,  1 lit bottle & 5 /20 lit

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